Property Manager & Administration (London)

Richard has a wealth of experience within property management across both the residential and commercial sectors in London and is the newest member of the team at TSP Living. With a background in architecture from his university studies and a strong will to provide exceptional customer service, Richard is a perfect fit for the company ethos at TSP.

“What I love about property management is that no two days are the same and I get to deal with and solve a range of different issues, ideally even before they arise. Landlords and tenants display varying and mixed emotions and, because of my calm and level-headed nature, I am able to think clearly and calmly in order to achieve positive results for all parties. I am a big believer in providing a great service and experience for clients and my job enables me to do this day in / day out”.

Richard has a deep routed knowledge of property management and excellent people skills, which in turn gives both TSP and it’s clients an individual that is able to get the job done.