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Though holding or attending meetings are not exactly on everyones ‘exciting things to do today’ list, they are still absolutely essential for the growth and expansion of any business, of any size and therefore hold great significance.

A well designed meeting room can effectively lead to attracting clients or finalising import deals, so it’s imperative that your office has a meeting area that’s comfortable, stylish and fully equipped to help you communicate better amongst your staff and ultimately help build relationships.

It’s now with much relief that due to the dawn of the virtual office space, filled with gadgetries and generally just breaking the norm of what used to constitute a more traditional commercial office design; today you can certainly have a lot more fun in creating a meeting space that’s functional, unique and memorable.

Here we look at 10 innovative meeting rooms from around the world.


Charles Saatchi is one of the world’s largest art collectors so it only makes sense that the Beijing headquarters of Saatchi & Saatchi be dressed to the nines. Fully equipped with tech set ups, the huge half dome covering it fully rotates allowing employees to use either a flat screen TV or projector for their presentation needs, whilst sitting around a giant heart table with Eero Saarinen tulip chairs, it doesn’t get any sexier than this.

Saatchi & Saatchi


This high security data center is actually located in an old nuclear bunker deep below the bedrock of the White Mountains in Stockholm, sealed off from the world by entrance doors 40 cm thick. This elevated meeting room sits 30 meters down under the granite rocks of the Vita Berg Park and suspended above the offices’ server hall. Definitely effective for impressing new clients.



An Office Space which combines creativity with indoor greenery.The Cunningham Group have designed a stylish open plan,modern office with innovative touches such as an indoor garden with the native plants of the region, a vibrant gallery and meeting area. The Hayden Place exudes an appeal that makes it perfect for an official business meeting with clients whilst offering an experience that won’t easily be forgotten.



This pumpkin shaped ‘brainstorming room’ was meant to encourage the collaboration and creative thinking of the companies designers. Polycarbonate panels with transparent sections are used to bring the activity and energy of the meeting room into view and also illuminated by fluorescent tubes so that in the evening the meeting rooms resemble a light box with a futuristic touch.EDG


French architect paul coudamy designed this unique office space, affectionately known as ‘bears cave’, for an internet hosting company in Paris. The structure orgnanises the space into three different spaces for working, leisure and meeting areas. A honeycomb cardboard bench creates a low separation between the meeting room and the working spaces offering privacy and I’m sure a few talking points.



If your office is lacking some creative design, Duffy London may have the answer. The innovative Swing table design created by Christopher Duffy will definitely put a little extra fun into company meetings. Swing furniture design creates an exceptionally divergent experience and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Creating a room within a room, the chairs seem to float around the table.



Designed by architectural firm Bosch & Fjord, the LEGO offices definitely haven’t opted for your run of the mill meeting room. Although quite simplistic in their design, their concept of having 13 meeting rooms is based on the thought process that the majority of ideas are realised whilst people are moving around and indulging into varying conversations.



Dutch practice Origins Architects have designed this office in Amsterdam for motion graphic designers Onesize, incorporating a row of free standing timber arches over a meeting table. The timber shape over the meeting table subdivides the office encasing two meeting areas and a darkened space for projection and studio work. The office which specialises in sustainable building were keen on keeping an eye on the environmental impact of the interior.



The headquarters of Qihoo 360 Technology designed by David Ho comprise of three circular pods arranged around a central multi-level atrium that provides a connection between each of the floors. The circular pods can be used as meeting rooms or spaces for private brainstorming and they are accessible by ladder or ramp. A metal slide shoots out into the atrium from the second floor, giving quick (and fun) access to the pods and meeting areas on the ground floor.



The AirBnB office, designed by Garcia Tamjidi, boasts innovation and creativity in every room. Launched in 2008 to help people offer and find affordable places to crash for the night, this billion-dollar web startup headquarters is inspired by actual AirBnB listings.  The log-cabin is actually based on the “Mushroom Cabin” in Aptos in California.


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